Book Signing and Summer Fun

I’m excited to kick off the summer by participating in a multi-author book signing on Saturday, June 20 at University Bookstore in Bellevue, Washington.  I will be signing copies of both my YA thriller “Escape” and my Hope White book “Payback.”  Stop by and enjoy the fun.  We’ll be raffling off baskets and tons of other goodies!

Limited Time Offer
Don’t forget, you can still get the amazing Passion &Danger set of 10 books on Amazon for .99 cents – the price goes up July 1, so grab your copy soon!

What’s Next?
I’m deep into the second book in my “Mind” series featuring Catherine and J.D. and boy, life doesn’t get any easier for these teenagers.  But challenges make them stronger, and love will see them through the dangerous situations that lie ahead.  I plan to write three books in this series, and three books in my YA thriller “Escape” series.

Movies Anyone?
I recently finished my thriller Hunted and sent it off to readers and contests.  I call this my female Rambo movie meets The Fugitive.  Strong heroines – that’s my goal!  I also recently finished my romantic comedy Love on the Ropes, which I’m polishing for a producer.

Enjoy your summer!

Ten Tantalizing Tales of Romantic Suspense!

I'm excited to announce that Love on the Ropes will be featured in the upcoming boxed set Passion & Danger scheduled to go on sale May 17th. The link (left) is to Amazon, but rest assured this great collection of romantic suspense and mystery novels is available on all platforms. And it's only .99!  You read that right, only .99 for 10 full length stories of love, intrigue and adventure.  I'm looking forward to reaching new readers with this special promotion and am honored to be partnering with this fine group of authors.

Don't wait to pre-order your digital copy!  This awesome collection will be available for a limited time once it launches on May 17th.

RTBookclub Magazine gave Love on the Ropes 4.5 stars! Here's an excerpt from the review… 

"White brings to life the world of wrestling with a fast-paced story that has a delightful romance as well as an intriguing mystery."


In other news, my YA romantic suspense, Escape, is a hit with readers!  What are they saying?

"Why did the book have to end?  Absolutely enjoyed reading this book so much that I couldn't put it down." 

Another reader wrote: 
"Here comes the next hit Young Adult series!"

Currently, I'm working on the next book in the Escape series, plus the movie script for Love on the Ropes, another thriller script titled Hunted, and a collection of romantic shorts to be released in time for Christmas. 

Oh and I almost forgot! Speaking of good deals, my romantic novella, The Perfect Match, is FREE if you belong to Kindle Unlimited (regular price: $1.99).

Thanks for stopping by! 

Books, Scripts, and Shorts

I’m excited to announce that my new adult novel, ESCAPE, will be my first release of 2015!  This is the book version of the script that won the Page International Screenwriting Competition.  Check it out… 

Escape — A Young Adult Romantic Thriller 

by Award-Winning Author Pat White

Jade Masterson has been pretending and hiding for almost four years; her unique abilities making her afraid to get close to anyone. When a sudden and suspicious house explosion tragically kills her parents just days before her eighteenth birthday, Jade is thrown into a spiral of survivor’s guilt and paranoia. But it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you…

The sinister Prism Foundation is hunting Jade for her powers, and secrets and lies make it impossible for her to trust her remaining family and even her closest friends. Jade is forced to turn to a stranger for help, the gorgeous and mysterious new kid at school, Jonathan Jakes. 

Jade never expects to fall for the enigmatic Jonathan, a guy who has secrets of his own… Secrets that make him the worst kind of enemy—one that will earn her trust only to destroy her by breaking her heart.

Also Coming in 2015…

Another book in the ESCAPE series, a romantic comedy novella, and two feature length thriller scripts including HUNTED, my female Rambo movie.
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Cover Reveal & Semi-Finals!

August is turning out to be an exciting month!  First, I'll be releasing my latest wrestling rom com, a novella titled The Perfect Match at the end of the month, plus I'm officially a semi-finalist in the Page International Screenwriting Competition with my comedy, Sugar & Spies.

Here's the scoop on The Perfect Match.

A ballerina in a wrestling ring?

After an injury ruins her ballet career, financially desperate Julianna Wright takes a job in a pro-wrestling show as the Dynamic Dancing Delila, aka Triple D.  She’s been managed for years, and will do anything to find her independence and support herself, darn it, even if it means dancing for rabid wrestling fans and being named after a bra size.

Hunky pro-wrestler Marco the Magnificent is stunned when he sees his childhood crush performing center ring.  It’s no place for a lady, well, not a fragile and lovely lady like Julianna at any rate.  Marco wants nothing more than to protect her from the brutalities of the business, but, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and his attempts to talk her out of her career choice simply fuel her fire to succeed.

Julianna’s need for a job, and Marco’s desire to protect her, force them into a partnership both inside and outside of the ring, a partnership that sparks feelings neither of them expects. Pinned under the weight of their explosive chemistry, they’re forced to realize that they truly are… The Perfect Match.

Screenwriting Award

As I mentioned above, Sugar & Spies made the semi-finals in the Page Awards.  Sugar & Spies is one of 25 semi-finalist scripts from a field of more than 1,100 entered in the comedy category.  I won this contest in 2011 with my YA thriller, Escape, and I'm thrilled to have finaled in the comedy category this year.

Here's the log line for Sugar & Spies:

A heartless British spy guilted into running his ailing grandmother's teashop in rural Washington must develop a new set of skills to navigate small town America.

Think, James Bond in a teashop. The secondary characters are a lot of fun, including the "Tea Ladies" a geriatric group that passes their time at the gun range when they're not sipping tea.

Hope you're having a great summer and seeing some awesome movies!

Book Release News!

I'm very excited to announce that my short romance, The Wife Project is available at Amazon for .99.  If you're in a hurry and don't have time to read all four stories in the Valentine's Romance anthology, you now have the option of purchasing the stories individually. 
Check out the blurb for The Wife Project:

Socially awkward software genius A.J. Remington needs a wife to seem more accessible to potential clients, but love cannot be a part of the equation.  Having been burned, he knows that love is complicated and painful. A.J. is resigned to a life without love.

Friend and personal chef Katy Walsh has also tasted her share of heartbreak thanks to a failed marriage and she’s determined to avoid that kind of pain, thank-you-very-much. 

But when Katy agrees to help Alex to choose a suitable woman for the role of wife, an unlikely recipe for romance consumes them both.  Can it be that the perfect woman is standing in his kitchen?  And will either of them be willing to risk falling in love as they work on… The Wife Project

If you don't have an E-Reader, I've got more good news!  Valentine's Romance is now available in paperback.  You can purchase this romantic anthology in hard copy for $6.29.  The anthology features four sweet romances to warm your heart. This collection is the publisher's choice for best short story Valentine romances of the year from favorite best-selling authors. 

Valentine's Romance is getting positive reviews on Amazon and we hope to do a full-blast promotion in celebration of Valentine's Day in February.  To keep up with what we've got planned, check back here or stop by the publisher's website: