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Book News

Fall 2015 — I’m excited to share new cover designs for my Ringside Romance series, starting with The Perfect Match.  And guess what?  You can pick up a digital copy of this novella for FREE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kobo! 

The Perfect Match features an injured ballerina so desperate for money she signs with a pro-wrestling promotion.  The main event is Marco the Magnificent, who was her childhood tutor and…was secretly in love with her all those years ago.  Marco wants to protect Julianna from the dark side of pro-wrestling, but Julianna has been managed all her life and needs this job to prove her independence! The Perfect Match starts off the series, followed by Got a Hold on You, Ring Around My Heart, and Love on the Ropes.

I’m busy at work on my next young adult thriller in my “Mind” series.  The first is Out of My Mind, and the next book will be titled Lost in Her Mind. I hope to release that book early next year.

In October, my alter ego Hope White releases Christmas Undercover, a romantic suspense featuring search and rescue volunteers.  This book received a four star review from RTBookclub Magazine and is will get a big promo push from the publisher.  You can check out all the books in this series at

Script News

Hunted (my female Rambo movie) made the quarterfinals of the Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Competition (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences), and the second round of the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition!  This is a first for me in both these competitions, and I’m thrilled because the competition was fierce.  Austin had over 8,627 entries, and the note on my notification letter read:  “Our readers loved the pacing of the script and how fluid it was.”  YAY!

I’m still tweaking the script version of my book, Love on the Ropes, for a producer, and am working on my thriller, Watch Me, about a single mom who fears she’s a serial killer because of black-outs, and friends from her past start showing up dead. 

My last bit of news… I’ll be adding “teacher” to my resume this fall.  I’m teaching a continuing education class at Bellevue College, Washington, called “From Concept to Publication.”  I’m going to try and cram 15 years of novel writing experience into an 8-hour class.  Wish me luck!

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It’s been an exciting summer so far!  Here’s the scoop on what’s happening with my feature screenplays and books.

Page Screenwriting Competition
My thriller, HUNTED, made the quarter-finals of the Page International Screenwriting Competition. This means out of 6,267 scripts entered, mine made the top 10%!  I call HUNTED my “female Rambo movie.”  Here’s the logline:

Dishonorably discharged Lt. Danielle West flees into the mountains after her fiancé is brutally murdered and cops name her their number one suspect.

Producer Request
A producer recently requested to read my psychological thriller, WATCH ME, about a suburban housewife who thinks she might be a serial killer. Whoa, what?  Yep, you read that right. After her husband’s untimely death, she starts having nightmares, and wakes up with blood on her hands. Then people from her sordid past start showing up dead and she fears the worst. Could she be a killer? 

Seattle 48 Hour Film Project
In other film news, I participated in the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project and went to my first movie premiere! 

Some of our team members hanging out after the screening.
How does this work?  Our production team literally had 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and score our short film, then two days later we got to watch it in a movie theatre!  All teams are given the same three elements they had to work into the film: Professor Michael or Michelle Anthony, a sponge and line of dialogue: “Quiet, I need to think.” You’re not given that information until Friday night and you must turn in your finished movie Sunday night.  I was on a team of four writers and we chose to go the comedy route.  Our movie was titled “Mother’s Day Escape” and the audience laughed at all the right spots. (Whew!) What a rush!  There were 84 teams total in Seattle.

Book News
The Passion & Danger boxed set I participated in made the #1 spot on the Thriller/Suspense/Anthology list on Amazon during our big promo push in May.  We’re getting fabulous reviews and it’s still priced at only .99¢ so head over to Amazon and get your copy now! 

The Next YA Suspense
I’m hard at work on the second book in my “Mind” series.  This story features Catherine working with the police to find a missing teen, and struggling with both her traumatic brain injury, and her boyfriend’s determination to keep her safe by staying away.  Out of My Mind” (first book in the series) is getting more favorable reviews from readers.  For instance:

"This story is unique, fresh, and new.  I was sucked in from the start."

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Book Signing and Summer Fun

I’m excited to kick off the summer by participating in a multi-author book signing on Saturday, June 20 at University Bookstore in Bellevue, Washington.  I will be signing copies of both my YA thriller “Escape” and my Hope White book “Payback.”  Stop by and enjoy the fun.  We’ll be raffling off baskets and tons of other goodies!

Limited Time Offer
Don’t forget, you can still get the amazing Passion &Danger set of 10 books on Amazon for .99 cents – the price goes up July 1, so grab your copy soon!

What’s Next?
I’m deep into the second book in my “Mind” series featuring Catherine and J.D. and boy, life doesn’t get any easier for these teenagers.  But challenges make them stronger, and love will see them through the dangerous situations that lie ahead.  I plan to write three books in this series, and three books in my YA thriller “Escape” series.

Movies Anyone?
I recently finished my thriller Hunted and sent it off to readers and contests.  I call this my female Rambo movie meets The Fugitive.  Strong heroines – that’s my goal!  I also recently finished my romantic comedy Love on the Ropes, which I’m polishing for a producer.

Enjoy your summer!

Ten Tantalizing Tales of Romantic Suspense!

I'm excited to announce that Love on the Ropes will be featured in the upcoming boxed set Passion & Danger scheduled to go on sale May 17th. The link (left) is to Amazon, but rest assured this great collection of romantic suspense and mystery novels is available on all platforms. And it's only .99!  You read that right, only .99 for 10 full length stories of love, intrigue and adventure.  I'm looking forward to reaching new readers with this special promotion and am honored to be partnering with this fine group of authors.

Don't wait to pre-order your digital copy!  This awesome collection will be available for a limited time once it launches on May 17th.

RTBookclub Magazine gave Love on the Ropes 4.5 stars! Here's an excerpt from the review… 

"White brings to life the world of wrestling with a fast-paced story that has a delightful romance as well as an intriguing mystery."


In other news, my YA romantic suspense, Escape, is a hit with readers!  What are they saying?

"Why did the book have to end?  Absolutely enjoyed reading this book so much that I couldn't put it down." 

Another reader wrote: 
"Here comes the next hit Young Adult series!"

Currently, I'm working on the next book in the Escape series, plus the movie script for Love on the Ropes, another thriller script titled Hunted, and a collection of romantic shorts to be released in time for Christmas. 

Oh and I almost forgot! Speaking of good deals, my romantic novella, The Perfect Match, is FREE if you belong to Kindle Unlimited (regular price: $1.99).

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Books, Scripts, and Shorts

I’m excited to announce that my new adult novel, ESCAPE, will be my first release of 2015!  This is the book version of the script that won the Page International Screenwriting Competition.  Check it out… 

Escape — A Young Adult Romantic Thriller 

by Award-Winning Author Pat White

Jade Masterson has been pretending and hiding for almost four years; her unique abilities making her afraid to get close to anyone. When a sudden and suspicious house explosion tragically kills her parents just days before her eighteenth birthday, Jade is thrown into a spiral of survivor’s guilt and paranoia. But it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you…

The sinister Prism Foundation is hunting Jade for her powers, and secrets and lies make it impossible for her to trust her remaining family and even her closest friends. Jade is forced to turn to a stranger for help, the gorgeous and mysterious new kid at school, Jonathan Jakes. 

Jade never expects to fall for the enigmatic Jonathan, a guy who has secrets of his own… Secrets that make him the worst kind of enemy—one that will earn her trust only to destroy her by breaking her heart.

Also Coming in 2015…

Another book in the ESCAPE series, a romantic comedy novella, and two feature length thriller scripts including HUNTED, my female Rambo movie.
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